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Dress for success  |  Mar 9, 10

In a very critical time in her career, former Israeli foreign minister Tzipi Livni has managed to abandon her laddish look in favour of a more slinky style. Here's how

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‘The lie is being perpetuated as the truth’  |  Sep 26, 08

Executive chairman of the Claims Conference is furious. A documentary film alleged the organization denied Holocaust survivors money that was rightfully theirs. In a first interview since its broadcast, Reuven Merhav explains why he is suing for libel

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The Russian empire strikes back  |  Aug 15, 08

Analysis: The Russia-Georgia war is the start of the twilight of America's sole world hegemony. Please welcome the 21st century Russia and the new world order

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Before it’s too late  |  Apr 4, 08

Isreal's treatment through the years of Holocaust survivors was far from being adequate. Justice Dalia Dorner, head of a special inquiry commission, explains in an exclusive interview what the government should do in order to turn that around

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The gospel according to Allam  |  Mar 27, 08

Magdi Allam, an Egyptian-born journalist and scholar, is Italy's most famous Muslim, a fierce critic of his religion and a staunch supporter of Israel. In an interview he explains why he couldn't stand it anymore and decided to convert to Christianity

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In the footsteps of the al-Dura controversy  |  Nov 1, 07

The most famous image of the second Intifada is at the center of a libel suit in Paris. A thorough investigation into the Al-Dura affair, including exclusive material and a first interview with Philippe Karsenty, who claims the whole thing was staged

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Sobering lessons  |  Mar 30, 07

For a brief moment she was Peru's Hillary Clinton. Israeli born Eliane Karp Toledo helped her husband to depose Alberto Fujimori, but then she was accused of spending millions on flowers and shoes. First interview from her exile in the US

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Enough political correctness  |  Sep 2, 06

Op-ed: The question of whether it was appropriate to publish the Mohammed cartoons is secondary. The primary question is whether the European society is capable of recognizing the problem that has been placed on its doorstep

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Between Haider and a hard place  |  Aug 28, 05

Filip Dewinter, head of Belgium's Vlaams Belang party, is probably Europe's most successful far-right politician. In a first interview to an Israeli daily, he explains why he wants to get closer to Israel, and why he is still connected to certain Neo-Nazis

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In Holland, it’s worse  |  Mar 18, 05

"The Law of Return is the basic idea of the foundation of Israel," says Belgium's Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt in an interview. Regarding his own country, he says, "we must avoid eruptions with the Muslim community, as happened in Holland"

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