Arab-Israeli Conflict

The Destruction of the Arab World’s Jewry  |  Aug 14, 11

Despite its historical import, the end of a once-glorious diaspora has been largely repressed, scarcely leaving a mark on Israel’s collective memory. The reasons are both deep and ideological, and touch upon the very basics of the State of Israel

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Head of UNRWA admits it should not exist  |  Nov 26, 10

Why doesn't The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees resettle the refugees? Head of its operations in Gaza tries to explain how the number of refugees has grown from 700,000 in 1949 to 4.8 million today

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Israeli press not free? They’re joking  |  Aug 7, 09

Freedom House downgraded Israel on its Freedom of the Press Index from a "free" country to only "partially free". An investigation into their decision reveals its flaws

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Chronicle of chaos  |  Oct 17, 08

Something fundamental was shattered in the riots on Yom Kippur in Acre: the possibility of Jews and Arabs to live together. Reportage from a bleeding city

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‘All I wanted was justice’  |  Jan 4, 08

Albert Metzger, owner of Alexandria's famous Cecil Hotel, was forced out of Egypt in 1956. His family won a legal battle and will probably be compensated, but million other Jewish refugees from Arab and Muslim countries were somehow forgotten

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The anti-boycott movement’s movers and shakers  |  Oct 10, 07

Two British scholars, only one of them Jewish, fought against the boycott of Israeli academia. They succeeded, but not before being the target of racist attacks

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The other side of memory  |  Feb 12, 07

How come 30 percent of the Germans think that "What Israel is doing to the Palestinians is not different in principle from what the Nazis did to the Jews"?

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A country in question  |  Jan 22, 07

The discussion about Israel's right to exist was until not so long ago considered very marginal. Now it has infiltrated the central discourse in the West. How did it happen?

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See you in court, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad  |  Aug 25, 06

While the whole world is watching anxiously the UN's efforts to deal with Iran, a group of Israeli lawyers and former diplomats decided to bring to court the President of Iran. The charge: acts of Genocide against the State of Israel

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The protocols of the elders of Brussels  |  Jun 20, 06

Bat Ye’or, a self-taught Jewish intellectual who was born in Egypt, believes that European leaders are kowtowing to Islam. Once almost completely ignored, now she is receiving more attention. Interview with the author of "Eurabia"

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