Adi Schwartz – Biography

Mr. Adi Schwartz is a researcher, lecturer and author, focusing on issues relating to the Arab-Israeli conflict. He is the author, together with former Member of the Knesset Einat Wilf, of The War of Return, a Hebrew bestseller which will appear in 2020 in English by St. Martin’s Press (Macmillan).

Schwartz is an expert on two of his main research topics – the Palestinian refugee problem and the history of Jews from Arab countries (Mizrahim). He is currently writing his PhD dissertation at the department of Political Science in Bar-Ilan University on the Arab-Israeli conflict. He has a BA in European History from Tel Aviv University, and an MA (with distinction) in Political Science from Bar-Ilan University. He is a Fellow at the Center for International Communications in Bar-Ilan University.

Mr. Schwartz is an experienced lecturer for both academic and non-academic audiences, including in American and Israeli universities, in US Jewish federations and official events, for delegations visiting Israel (ADL, AJC, etc.), in hearings in the Knesset and in briefings for governmental committees. He has been involved in the last decade in Israel’s war of public opinion, including in articles, in speaking events and in developing communication strategy. He is an official instructor of the Ministry of Education on the issue of Mizrahim, and appears frequently on TV.

Mr. Schwartz is a published author in both English and Hebrew. A former staff writer and senior editor for the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, he has published articles in the Israeli press, as well as in The Wall Street JournalThe ForwardThe Tablet and The Jewish Chronicle.