Israel’s third city has a hi-tech plan  |  Nov 20, 10

Haifa, formerly an important stronghold of the British Empire in the Mediterranean, has known a negative net migration in the past 15 years. But now it is undergoing a real revolution - making it a city to watch for business opportunities in 2011

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Profits of peace  |  May 27, 09

Increasingly people are asking, wouldn’t the chances of peace be greater if the Palestinians were better off? Here’s how experts believe their country could prosper

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Paradise Regained  |  May 20, 09

The kibbutzim may have been born out of socialist ideals but for years their appeal has been fading. Now, to survive, they’ve formed into profit-making cooperatives

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‘Israeli Miracle’ developing strong ties with China  |  Aug 8, 08

Forget about filthy sweatshops in the outskirts of Tel Aviv. From now on, Chinese companies are penetrating Israel and constructing from tunnels to railways

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Mixing business with pleasure  |  Jun 29, 08

Not only Carla Bruni visited Israel together with French President Sarkozy, but also 100 keen businesspeople. The message is: Now is the time to do business here

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