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Dream team  |  Mar 9, 10

Israel’s National Search and Rescue Unit is always one of the first teams to arrive in major disasters, such as the earthquake in Haiti in January. Here's a look at the unit

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Desert dream  |  Aug 25, 09

Once a provincial backwater, the Jordanian port town of Aqaba is in the midst of a vast regeneration programme that will reposition it as the ‘gateway to the Levant’

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Rock of all ages  |  Sep 26, 07

30,000 people, 650 Jews, cultural openness, economic success and strict rules: A reportage from Gibraltar, land of plenty and peace at the edge of the Mediterranean

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The remains of the day  |  Jan 16, 07

Cuba is a place full of contrasts: there are certainly no advertisements, but everyone is trying to sell something. A reportage from the most socialist and the most capitalist country in the world, on the last days of Fidel Castro's reign

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Voyage to South America – Introduction  |  Mar 31, 06

What is happening now in South America is that Indians, blacks, women and the poor - the tenants of the black holes of the continent - have become the new landlords. This is the hour of the downtrodden - Reportage in 5 parts

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Voyage to South America – Part 1  |  Mar 30, 06

Bolivia: For the first time in 180 years, since independence from Spain, Bolivia has an indigenous president, an Aymara Indian, a former llama herder and coca farmer. Evo Morales' election heralds the entry of millions of Indians into visible space

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Voyage to South America – Part 2  |  Mar 29, 06

Venezuela: Hugo Chavez, with his cult of personality and his tirades against the US, is a product of the collapse of a corrupt political system, which for years condoned the existence of millions of poor people. In normal countries, there are no Chavezes

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Voyage to South America – Part 3  |  Mar 28, 06

Brazil: Daslu is a posh multi-brand department store in São Paulo, known as the "fashion designers mecca". The only problem is that millions of inhabitants of the neighboring favelas will never have the chance to set their feet in

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Voyage to South America – Part 4  |  Mar 27, 06

'Putting the most disadvantaged people first': President of Brazil, Luiz Inacio Lula de Silva, explains in an interview his economic policies, and - what he thinks about the Hamas government in Gaza, Iran's nuclear program and Holocaust denial

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Voyage to South America – Part 5  |  Mar 26, 06

Argentina and Uruguay: Those who were incarcerated, tortured, murdered, "disappeared," stripped of their civil rights and denounced as criminals, are now back, this time in the role of victors. Last part in a series of five

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