Jewish-Catholic Relationships


The silence of the shepherd  |  Oct 24, 08

The Vatican's intention to expedite the procedure for canonizing Pius XII have sent shockwaves through the Jewish world. Israeli Minister Herzog calls it "unacceptable"

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Countdown to the Holocaust  |  Aug 8, 06

Opening the secret archive of Pius XI, who headed the Church from 1922-1939, will reveal the Holy See's attitude towards Nazism just before WWII. Some historians believe it might be even more interesting than his successor's secret archive

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Bad blood  |  Sep 4, 05

According to Israel, the worst crisis with the Holy See in the last 40 years started when Pope Benedict did not condemn a terror attack. The Vatican believes it has to do with the problematic negotiations between the two countries. Rashomon

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Rewriting history in the name of the Father  |  Aug 24, 05

Op-Ed: Pope Benedict XVI's attempt to clear the Catholic Church of the historic role it played in preparing the ground for the Holocaust is far from convincing

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This city is cardinal to him  |  Jun 3, 05

Book review: Carlo Maria Martini is one of the most respected figures in the Catholic Church. In his book "Towards Jerusalem", he says he does not divide the world into believers and non-believers, but into those who think and those who don't

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