Anti-Semitism and Holocaust


The roar of the ‘lioness’  |  May 2, 08

Thousands of letters reveal the secret of Nobel literature laureate Sigrid Undset, who was a fighter against Nazism and a vocal activist in efforts to rescue Jews

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A courageous journey  |  Dec 28, 07

Katrin Himmler, author of "The Himmler Brothers", tries to follow the dynamics and psychology of the ordinary German - the one who perhaps had not been at Hitler's side from the Beer Hall Putsch on, but ultimately made the terrible disaster possible

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A celebrity at the age of 92  |  Dec 17, 07

Mimi Reinhard, who was Oscar Schindler's secretary and the woman who typed the now-famous Schindler's List, is making Aliya and starting a new life in Herzliya

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Purging itself of the purges?  |  Aug 10, 07

In 1968, Poland embarked on an orchestrated antisemitic campaign that forced thousands of Jews to leave. Now Poland is taking the unprecedented step of investigating state officials for their role in the final collapse of Polish Jewry

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How Belgium sacrificed its Jews to the Nazis  |  Mar 5, 07

Historians appointed by the Belgian government publish a first report on the role of the local authorities in the persecution and the deportation of Jews during WWII

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So unwelcome in his home  |  Mar 1, 07

In his scandalous book "Passover of Blood", Jewish historian Ariel Toaff claims that Jews were engaged in the ritual murder of Christian children. Friends and scholars try to explain - is it another case of self-hatred or just a strong desire to stand out

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